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S&T's TSBroadcaster 5

TSBroadcaster is S&T's MPEG-2 Multi-Program Transport Stream generator, suitable for delivery of data and interfactive applications, transmitted in DSM-CC carousels.

A number of the US MSOs continue to use TSBroadcaster for guide data transmission, OCAP application delivery and code downloads.

The most recent version is TSBroadcaster 5, you can find a summary of all the major new features, here.

TSBroadcaster supports a variety of iTV and data broadcasting standards including:

MPEG-2 transport streams generated by TSBroadcaster are delivered by TSPlayer.

TSBroadcaster can build and play multiple transport streams simultaneously. Each output requires a separate copy of TSPlayer.

TSBroadcaster servers are accessed by a web browser. In addition, all aspects of TSBroadcaster's functionality can also be accessible via Java API, REST and XML. This allows easy integration with other headend software.

S&T recommend that TSBroadcaster is installed on an HP DL 360 Gen10 or similar system running CentOS 6 or 7. .

HP DL 360 Gen10HP DL360 G8

Features and Capabilities