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S&T's TSBroadcaster 5 - New Features

New central dashboard for monitoring / controlling entire system

The heart of the system is a new dashboard for monitoring and configuration of the system with context linking to where the user needs to be to configure items or solve issues.

New Peer Monitoring system with enhanced remote machine controls

Network → Managed Broadcasters

New concept added called 'Managed Broadcaster' where it is now possible manage and monitor the operation of other TSBroadcaster 5 machines remotely from a central system. Peering has been simplified and made more robust for failover operations.

Task and Platform backup (daily and ad-hoc) with ability to push configurations to Peers

Network → Managed Broadcaster → Tasks/Platform Backups

The ability to centralise Task distribution from a single TSBroadcaster, it is possible to push Tasks and Platform configurations to other Managed Broadcasters.

System → Local Backups It is also possible to backup local Task and Platform configurations for taking snapshots of a TSBx state and for disaster recovery.

Player backup and reset with ability to push configurations to Peers

Network → Managed Broadcaster → Platform Backups

Player configuration is now included with Platform backups and it is now possible to restore a TSPlayer either locally or remotely.

Configuration → Outputs → Transport Stream Outputs

We have added the ability to reset a local TSPlayer such that any file issues are reset. We have also simplified the configuration of local TSPlayers.

Zero length file monitoring with alerting

System → Tools → Maintenance

The system now monitors all files under its control for any possible zero-length files occurring in the underlying OS upon startup, while running and also upon request and alerts when requested.

Improved VM support

Using new Java file technology we are using more aggressive write checking to take into account possible errant shutdown write-issues in an underlying VM.

Machine provisioning and cloning (for Platform, Task and Players)

Network → Commissioning

It is now possible to commission a remote machine with a Task and Platform/TSPlayer(s) or clone a currently running system for machine provisioning and disaster recovery from a source TSBroadcaster 5 or upgrade from a remote 4 installation.

Alerting system (email and REST)

System → Alerts

We have added a full alerting system that triggers email or REST messages based upon the selection of alert criteria such as:

Full secure REST interface for Puppet/Chef integration

All operations available in the UI are now are accessible via a secure REST layer for scripting purposes. The URL is available at System → Platform → Monitoring

External tools support:

System → Platform → Logging → Monitoring

Full CentOS 7 support

TSBx5 is designed for running fully on CentOS 7 now, rather than in a compatibility mode.

OpenJDK rather than Oracle licensed Java (no future licensing costs)

Oracle are moving to a licenced (paid for) support model for Java and we have moved to OpenJDK for this reason, to alleviate any customer licence concerns.

Security enhancements:

Enhanced user functionality:

System → Users

New authentication support

System → Platform → Authentication

We now support the following authentication mechanisms. For now, the system allows one authentication type followed by a fall-through to the traditional TSBroadcaster users database:

TSMonitor verification integration

System → Platform → TSMonitor

It is possible for a TSMonitor to interrogate a remote TSBroadcaster 5 installation to check that the outgoing content matches the received data (and alert where necessary).

New Emergency Audio Alerts system

Configuration → Emergency Alerts

As requested by Charter we have added an Emergency Alerts Audio generation system with an UI for configuration.

Task element rename functionality

System → Rename We now allow the renaming of TSBroadcaster configuration elements such as Application, TSPlayer, Playout, CDL Hosts, Images etc via the UI.

Enhanced Common Download area

Configuration → CDL

We have added various usability features as requested by clients

Improved log viewing support (search and filter multiple log files)

System → Tools → Logs It is now possible to filter and search more easily and across multiple log files for traceability. We have also increased the default number of days data is kept to 100.

Improved logging for traceability

We have added more logging of events (successes, errors and informational) throughout the system for history and traceability.

Improved support tools for log/debug data retrieval and memory/disk/CPU monitoring

System → Tools → System Maintenance

Totally reworked UI:

TSBroadcaster 5 Home Page

TSBx5 Home Screen