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S&T's TSPlayer

TSPlayer is an MPEG multi-program transport stream player which is particularly suitable for streaming EBIF and OCAP content, encoded and created by the TSBroadcaster and SoftOC products.

TSPlayer can also operate as a generic MPEG stream player, including a multiplex capability, ideal for spooling a number of streams generated by third party tools.

Standalone TSPlayer systems consist of:

TSBroadcaster Systems With Mutliple Outputs

TSBroadcaster systems can build multiple transport streams but require one TSPlayer software server to be running to stream each output. The number of TSPlayers per TSBroadcaster is controlled by the license file. Usually we recommend no more than four operational TSPlayers per TSBroadcaster or TSPlayer unit.

If more outputs are required, additional TSPlayer server platforms is recommend.

The total number of transport streams built by TSBroadcaster is of course dependent on the performance of the host hardware. For the standard platform, we would suggest an upper limit of eight simultaneous stream builds.

Failure recovery of TSPlayer systems can be administered by use of the Peer Group capabilities of TSBroadcaster. You can implement N+1 redundancy by allocation of a hot swappable spare TSPlayer and the appropriate configuration under System Mgt->Peer Management.

Software Multiplexer - Inputs

The TSBroadcaster software mux allows the following inputs:

Selected PIDs are passed to the output. PID remapping is also allowed.

Software Multiplexer - Outputs

Outputs supported are:

ASI output specification