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Digital Signage over Broadcast

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UniSoft offers a (out-of-home ad) solution. Content is delivered using the broadcast TV signal. We support the ATSC 1.0, ATSC 3.0 and DVB-T2 transmission standards.

The system uses the Ryarc Campaign Manager software for creation, scheduling and monitoring of ads. S&T's XCaster pulls data from the Campaign Manager host system and delivers over the air accordinglingly.

A variety of receivers are used to acquire the data from the broadcast depending on which terrestrial TV standard is being used. The tuner/receiver is combined with an Ubuntu based small form-factor PC. In all cases the PC runs S&T's receiver software and Ryarc's CMPlayer.

The Campaign Manager provides the capability of playing media under certain conditions to designated screens. The Intel AIM software is used, with an installed video camera at a location, which can determine the number of users, their gender even their age. Using this technology, we can decide which media will play on the screens based on its audience.

For sign monitoring we also include a cellular router which can provide QoS and other information back to the Campaign Manager.

Key Benefits