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Warranty Provisions

UniSoft usually provides a 30 day warranty period for the software commencing upon final acceptance. Following this duration, it is strongly recommended the customer should enter into UniSoft's standard support and maintenance service for the which is summarized below.

Support and Maintenance Service

UniSoft's support and maintenance service for developed conformance test suites typically includes the following services:

  1. Technical support in the form of response to telephone or electronic mail enquiries relating to the operation of the test suite or interpretation of test results produced by the test suite.

  2. UniSoft will provide login access to its support Web Site during all hours of such site's regular operation. Access to this machine will allow download of the updates to the test suite.

  3. Any suspected faults in the software should be set out in a System Problem Report ("SPR") and submitted to UniSoft. Upon receipt of any SPRs issued, UniSoft will classify SPRs into the following severity levels:

    • Level 1.
      Critical: An error with no work-around, which prohibits the execution of the test technology on a machine, which executes correctly a conforming implementation of the API.

    • Level 2.
      Major Technical: An error, which occurs on a conforming machine and prohibits execution of parts of the test technology.

    • Level 3.
      Minor Technical: A documented feature, which is not working correctly, and a work-around, is available.

    • Level 4.
      Informational: Inconsistencies or irregularities exist, minor documentary error which do not effect execution.>
    • Level 5.
      Enhancement Request: The request is outside the scope of the development activity associated with this release of the test technology and will be logged as an enhancement request or referenced as a grey area.

  4. UniSoft will assign to each SPR received a status classification as follows:

  5. Fixes or workarounds to a Level 1 and Level 2 errors will be sent promptly; fixes or workarounds to Level 3 errors will be included in the next release of the test suite.

  6. If an error is reported in a component of the test suite which is owned by a third party, UniSoft will notify the third party of the reported error and any resulting or potential fix and will make reasonable efforts to encourage the third party to correct such component of the test suite.

  7. UniSoft will produce monthly an "open buglist" report based on the categories described above. Problems resolved will be described in the report.

  8. From time to time, UniSoft will provide updates to the test suite and documentation to incorporate fixes, but not necessarily new features or enhancements.