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The OpenCable Application Platform, OCAP, is a middleware specification for US digital cable:

  1. OCAP is a Java-based open standard,
  2. it has been deployed by cable operators in North America and Canada.
  3. OCAP runs on set-top boxes and digital TVs, often referred to as "terminals", "hosts" or "receivers".

OCAP was developed by CableLabs with a number of the cable operating companies and software firms. OCAP is based on a European middleware standard, the DVB Multimedia Home Platform (DVB MHP). OCAP is consistent with the DVB Globally Executable MHP (GEM) specification, meaning that GEM-compliant applications will run on OCAP middleware.

The OCAP specification defines an application interface that includes all required APIs, content/data formats, and protocols up to the application level. OCAP applications are therefore expected to execute on all OCAP conformant devices creating an interoperable "write once" environment.

OCAP conformant terminals must also be OpenCable certified devices.

Bound , Unbound and Native OCAP Applications

OCAP specification identifies three classifications of applications: