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S&T's TSBroadcaster 4 DTA

TSBroadcaster 4 DTA is a configuration of TSBroadcaster which is suitable for delivery of code images and channel maps to DTA devices. Features include:


TSBroadcaster can generate multiple transport streams and can connect to one of more TSPlayer systems, each controlling multiple transport stream broadcasts.

A high degree of fault tolerance can be achieved by using a TSBroadcaster hot swappable spare and possibly additional TSPlayer systems. Automatic failover is supported for both ASI and GbE outputs. In the case of ASI, you may wish to use of an ASI switch, available from a number of third party suppliers, which can swap TSPlayer output from a failed system to one of the operational TSBroadcaster systems.

TSBroadcaster uses the Peer Groups feature to implement n+1 redundancy.

Channel Map Definition

TSBroadcaster provides a mechanism to define and store Channel Map definitions. Each channel map has a VCT ID and may optionally be nominated for inclusion in a Transport Stream. TSBroadcaster supports adding, changing and deleting service definitions from the channel map, with the following parameters per service:

DTA Transport Stream Defintion

SCTE 65 Profile 2 Signaling

Generates SCTE 65 Profile 2 Signalling for a single channel map, comprising the following tables: