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S&T's TSBroadcaster CDL

TSBroadcaster 3 Common Download (CDL) is a configuration of TSBroadcaster which is suitable for delivery of OCAP code images and firmware to OpenCable-complient devices. Its features include:

  1. Generation of CVTs Type 2 which are broadcast:
    1. down a DSG Broadcast Tunnel type 5, or,
    2. via the DAC web service interface, or.
    3. via the Cisco BFS
  2. creation of DSM-CC data carousels containing the code image
  3. data carousels are streamed down DSG application tunnels, the in-band FAT channel or placed on a tftp site
  4. TSBroadcaster 3 CDL is installed on a TSPlayer system with one output
  5. includes an easy to configure software multiplexer which handles a variety of input sources; supports PID filtering and remapping
  6. ASI or Gigabit Ethernet outputs
  7. Peer groups for n+1 redundancy


TSBroadcaster can generate multiple transport streams and can connect to one of more TSPlayer systems, each controlling a single transport stream broadcast.

A high degree of fault tolerance can be achieved by using a hot swappable spare of TSBroadcaster 3 CDL. A master/slave pair of TSBroadcasters monitor each other and the slave takes over the role of the master if the master fails.

An ASI switch, available from a number of third party suppliers, can swap TSBroadcaster or TSPlayer outputs from a failed system if required. TSBroadcaster uses the Peer Groups feature to implement n+1 redundancy.

Signing Requirements

  1. OCAP code images need to be encapsulated in signed PKCS#7 format for the OCAP receiver to authenticate the code download
  2. CVTs delivered via DSG Broadcast Tunnel must also be inserted in a PKCS#7 signed data file
  3. TSBroadcaster 3 CDL provides a "CVT Signers" interface, where the CVT will be sent to an external tool for signature if the CVT needs to be signed
  4. UniSoft offers a CVT signing web service for the OCAP Security File Generator which allows CVTs generated by TSBroadcaster to be sent to OCAP SFG for signature.

Common Download Play-out

  1. Downloads may be scheduled for with a control policy of either "Download Now" or "Deferred Download"
  2. Generates additional CVT descriptors: MAC Address, Group_ID and Host_ID
  3. Carousel lead time capability

In-band FAT Channel Locator

  1. source ID, or,
  2. frequency, modulation mode and MPEG program number, or,
  3. frequency, modulation mode and PID.