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S&T's TSBroadcaster Streams Generation

TSBroadcaster provides facilities to set up and manage transport stream definitions. TSBroadcaster generates MPEG transport streams containing the following components:

A TSBroadcaster installation supports one of two different types of transport stream: DVB and OCAP. The TSBroadcaster licence and the TSBroadcaster data that is installed determine the type of transport stream that is supported. Transport streams generated by TSBroadcaster contain the following additional components:


  1. Service Description Table (SDT)
  2. Network Information Table (NIT)
  3. Optional Time and Date Table (TDT)


  • Optional Master Guide Table (MGT)
  • Optional Long-form Virtual Channel Table (LVCT)
  • Optional System Time Table (STT)
  • Optional Extended Application Information Table (XAIT)

When the definition or a transport stream is modified, TSBroadcaster immediately regenerates it to match the new definition. The version numbers of the tables in the transport stream are automatically incremented to reflect the changes.

TSBroadcaster needs specific DVB or OCAP information about the transport stream and the services carried in it to be able to produce the DVB or OCAP tables. To do this, it provides different interfaces for stream and service management for DVB and OCAP versions.

Users with ManageStreams privilege have access to the stream management functions through the Internet browser UI. These users can select the Streams button from the navigation bar and are presented with the Manage All Streams Page. This page shows transport stream definitions with a set of buttons to manage them. [View Manage All Streams page].