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DSM-CC Object Carousel Generator for MHP and OCAP Broadcast Systems

S&T's SoftOC is a complete MHP or OCAP transport stream generator including the ability to create DSM-CC object carousels. The transport streams are defined by and XML description. SoftOC is particularly suitable for receiver testing.

SoftOC gives control over all aspects of the transport stream including MPEG PSI, DVB SI (or SCTE 65 in the case of OCAP), DSM-CC object carousels and MHP/OCAP signalling.

In addition, SoftOC is a core component of the OCAP ATE Host and the MHP ATE. These systems are used for automatic encoding and play-out of the MHP and OCAP conformance tests respectively. XAIT support, with a transfer mechanism to the cable headend for transmission out-of-band, is also provided.

SoftOC is typically hosted on a TSPlayer system, so that the generated transport streams can be streamed out through either an ASI interface or GigE. SoftOC is written in Java so will run on a variety of platforms.