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S&T's Channel Monitoring Software

S&T's Channel Monitoring software provides a way of analysing multi-program transport streams and filtering the following specialist data:

  1. SCTE-35 messages, used for marking points within an MPEG transport stream for splicing commercials.
  2. ATSC 2.0 style triggers which have been inserted into CEA-708 closed caption service #6. This data represents shorts URLs which reference HTML5 applications rendered on the TV.
  3. other triggers encoded as XDS data in the video signal. XDS is essentially an alternative to CC#6 above.

Channel Monitoring can accept UDP unicast, UDP multicast and source specific multicast inputs. Filtered data is displayed or pushed in a binary form to a configurable URL. The channel monitoring software is typically installed on a Linux-based server. A sample screen short is provided below:

Channel Monitoring Screen Shot
Channel Monitoring Screen