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S&T's Factory ADI-F2

The ADI-F2 Advanced Data Inserter (ADI) is intended for use in factories where set-top-box receivers are being manufactured. The ADI generates an MPEG-2 transport stream that is used to test and configure the receivers.

The ADI system is designed to run in continuous operation and provides a simple user interface to monitor the current status of the system, to restart the system, and to install new input data files, configuration information and software updates. Error conditions due to hardware, software or configuration problems are flagged visually on the screen to attract operator attention.

Once initially installed and configured, the ADI runs in a simple lifecycle:

Factory ADI-F2 Functional Block Diagram

Factory ADI-F2 Block Diagram

On powering up, the ADI system begins its continuous play-out of the multiplexed MPEG-2 stream and monitoring its own status. During operation, a simple user interface provides options to:

Playout normally continues until the ADI is shut down either manually via the user interface, or automatically triggered via the UPS system. The system then shuts itself down ready to be powered off.