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Broadcasting ATSC 3.0 Services in the North Hall, N4131.

UniSoft will be broadcasting a number of ATSC 3.0 services in the North Hall on channel 24. The transmission will originate from UniSoft's TV station in a box, also known as the UniRack. These services will be received by Samsung and Sony TVs.

Digital Alert Systems Originated Emergency Alerts.

Emergency Alerts orignated from the DASDEC are pushed to ATCaster. ATCaster processes and generates suitable AEAT and NRT signaling for delivery of an alert message with any supplemental "rich media" provided by the DASDEC.

Verance VP1 and Nielsen Watermark Encoding.

UniSoft uses a Linear Acoustic AERO 2000 to insert both Verance VP1 and Nielsen watermarks prior to encoding by the TITAN. Downstreams devices show presence of both.

Content replacement and Dynamic Ad Insertion.

SCTE-104 markers, scheduled by Broadstream's OASYS Player, are converted to MPEG DASH Xlinks by the ATEME TITAN encoder. Downstream, the Sony 3.0 compliant receiver splices ad content appropriately.

S&T Video on Demand 3.0 Application.

This ATSC 3.0 application offers a variety of short videos which may be played on demand. This prototype app. illustrates just one of the many ways in which additional revenue can be generated from an ATSC 3.0 environment.