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The ATEME TITAN is our recommended HEVC and Dolby AC/4 encoder for ATSC 3.0/NextGenTV deployments.

A key benefit of using the TITAN is that includes an integrated DASH packager. UniSoft's standard ATSC 3.0 transmission setup has encoded content sent by the TITAN to the ATCaster broadcast stream generator using WebDAV push.

In addition to a DASH output, the ATEME can also generate MPEG transport streams for each service. These dual outputs can help a broadcast station to deliver ATSC 3.0 services for over the air whilst also tranmitting MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 to a cable company for re-transmission.

The ATEME TITAN also process incoming SCTE-104 (via HD-SDI) and SCTE-35 (via IP) markers. The incoming makers trigger insertion of Xlinks into the DASH manifest. The Xlinks can be used by an ATSC 3.0 receiver for content replacement. The most common application being dynamic ad insertion ("DAI").

The TITAN also supports Scalable High Efficiency Video Encoding (SHVC). A key benefit of ATSC 3.0. SHVC allows broadcasters to deliver a base layer of a 3.0 service over the air and an enhancement layer delivered over the top. This hybrid approach is very suitabke for 4K UHD HDR transmissions to the home.

See a sample screenshot from the TITAN UI.

Product Overview

The TITAN Live includes the following capabilities: