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Enensys SmartGate Scheduler

The Enensys SmartGate Scheduler, is a virtualized Broadcast Gateway. The Scheduler is an essential component of the ATSC 3.0 broadcast delivery chain.

Multicast ROUTE/MMTP output from the broadcast stream generator, such as S&T's ATCaster is passed to the Scheduler so that suitable processing can be performed prior to delivery to the ATSC 3.0 exciter via the STLTP (Studio to Transmitter Link Transfer Protocol).

Such processing includes generation of ATSC 3.0 Link-Layer Protocol (ALP) packets for transmission in the defined Physical Layer Pipes (PLPs).

The Scheduler is used to set all the modulation parameters for each PLP being broadcast.

SmartGate is typically configured with three network interfaces. The first for adminsitration (access to the UI is via a web browser). The second and third interfaces are used for UDP multicast data in (ATCaster) and multicast out (STLTP) respectively.

Product Overview

The SmartGate scheduler includes the following capabilities: