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OnScreen Publisher

OnScreen Publisher is an HTML application creation and management system which is targeted at interactive TV and second-screen platforms. OnScreen Publisher is very suitable for generation of applications for ATSC and hbbTV. The software includes XML processing tools allowing integration to existing content, asset or transaction management systems.

OnScreen Publisher requires a relatively good knowledge of HTML and CCS in order to be used to build applications. However, it is provided with a number of templates which can be used to construct new applications very effectively.

OnScreen Publisher includes an integrated content management system. This allows simple import of graphical or video assets by using a simple drag-and-drop operation.

Feature Summary

  1. Copy or import of applications. Allows rapid generation of of apps. from a pre-designed template. This feature also allows S&T to generate applications on a customer's behalf which can be subequently imported into the customer system.
  2. Assets can be accessible and included at each level of the navigation tree.
  3. "XML Fill" capability which allows pull-in of content from another source. For example, the user's web site. Some pre-defined XML Fill configurations are provided. These include interface to Wordpress-based web sites and Twitter Feeds.
  4. Integrated Content Management System. Easy import of graphic assets using drag-and-drop.
  5. Integration with TSBroadcaster. This allows OnScreen Publisher to push applications directly to TSBroadcaster using the available Java APIs.
  6. User access control. Permission controls may grant per user access to each application present on this system.
  7. Runs on a Linux server and requires mysql, PHP and httpd.