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Dynamic Ad Insertion

For ATSC 3.0 broadcasts, UniSoft offers a Dynamic Ad Insertion ("DAI") implementation which allows replacement of content in real time.

The system is particularly suitable for generating targeted ads or replacing content at specific households.

The solution is driven by SCTE-35 SCTE standard which supports the splicing of MPEG-2 streams for the purpose of Digital Program Insertion. This includes insertion of advertisements and other content types. SCTE-35 defines how ad insertion control messages (cue messages) may be inserted and used in TV broadcast systems. messages which are injected into the broadcast stream by the automation system. The encoder uses the markers as a trigger to generate multi-period DASH with XLink XLinks provide a mechanism allowing the Broadcaster Application to replace a DASH Period marked with an XLink attribute with a Period fragment referencing alternate content, allowing Ad (or content) replacement. Usually the encoder/packager converts incoming SCTE-35 (in a transport stream) or SCTE-104 (in baseband) to multi-period DASH with XLinks appropriately placed in the DASH MPD. added appropriately to the DASH manifest.

A broadcast application, generated by Strategy and Technology Limited ("S&T"), detects the XLinks and calls the Freewheel Ad Decision System ("ADS") which responds with suitable content depending on viewer information provided to it in the XLink. The S&T application performs the replacement and reports back to the ADS.

The above components make up the transmission side of a wider initiative known as the Addressable Asset Identifications Standard (AAIS). See short video of ad replacement.

Key Features

DAI Block Diagram